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Located in the village of Uccasaim, in the lush Goan countryside, Blue Lotus is the perfect place for you to dive into work, while we take care of all your other needs.

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The Right Environment. In addition to having all modern amenities essential for a productive work and living environment, at Blue Lotus you will find the headspace for you to do what you do best.

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Set up your workstation indoors or enjoy your workday out on the lawns. Nourish yourself with meals our all day menu created from vibrant local produce and an in-house herb garden.

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Meet fellow professionals and build your network, make new friends or find like minded people to collaborate with. Since the rules of working are constantly being redefined, we added co-living to the mix. We live, work and play with each other every day.

We offer four spacious bedrooms in a stunning heritage home, nestled in the lap of green. Our tranquil, creative space lets you focus on your productivity, allowing for as much privacy as you need as well as opportunities to meet and mingle likeminded professionals from all over the world. He saw pains that started with birth, sickness, old age, and death.

From this lake, which was the true essence of compassion, arose a blue lotus. Perched upon the lotus appeared a 16 year old goddess, Tara.

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Another tale refers to Tara being known as Jcanacandra, who vowed that she would not take the form of a man in future lives, even though it was traditionally thought to be more advantageous to take the form of a man, so that she could consider to offer compassion and guidance to sentient beings as a female. Her spiritual companion, the Buddha Amoghasiddhi named her Tara, which means Saviouress. There is a mantra familiar to all manifestations of Tara, but holding unique and specific relevance to The Green Tara.

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Due to the nature of this mantra, and others like it, it can be difficult to get a literal translation from them. However, the various syllables of the mantra can be examined and then better understood. It is used at the start of many mantras. Tara is very often depicted as being one who can alleviate suffering from accidents, crime, and natural disasters.

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Delusion, hatred, and greed are the three primary spiritual dangers that are responsible for suffering in us all. With this syllable, Tara is said to liberate us from the suffering we are inflicted with, while helping us to progress along the path that will allow us to have compassion for others.

O Tara! I beg of you, O Tara! O swift one! This is said to help guide us along the path towards understand compassion for ourselves and for others who are suffering and in need of compassion. Please wait We will end the gathering by sharing a healthy and nourishing meal.

Most cacao is produced as cheap as possible, for consumption. There is also beautiful raw cacao for healthy food and as an energy supplement. And then… there is wild and medicinal cacao!

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It is carefully selected and difficult to get. It is said to have been widely used in ceremonial settings by Mayan and Ancient Egyptian civilizations, which also used it for libido.